cot bedding sets amazon Cot bedding sets amazon

Monday, March 23, Baby Gears I like! I am now in my baby countdown mode! Only a few weeks left, I'm freaking outtttt! Not really on the labor process so much, but more on being a mother.

I'm so worried I wouldn't know what to do! Every other night when I have time and not tired , I would spend some time reading about breastfeeding or baby care and needs..

I even did a research on what books to get for the baby and how to get the baby read at 6 months! I'm SO way overthinking about all this!

dark oak sleigh cot bed

Now that I'm half way finishing my 8 month milestone and almost reaching to the end of my pregnancy journey, I still feel slightly unsatisfied with my baby shopping experience since we did it at one go in a month time! They have more time to experience the shopping process, while me Rasa tak puas la shopping So yeah, this mommy-to-be don't feel satisfied just yet, and kinda feel like she needed to browse more and more things!

My husband said I'm obsessed with baby products! LOL But really, I never knew that browsing baby stuff is so much fun than browsing shoes and bags! And I gotta say, I love this book! Everything in here is awesome! There are so many important things to consider buying for your baby, thus you gotta make a wise choice, no?

cot bedding sets amazon Cot bedding sets amazon

Others are more like the things that are nice to have: Anyway, here are the list of some of my favorite baby items, by the way! What a pretty nursery!! Many people told me to just get the baby cot and forget about everything else. And some even said there's no need for all those bassinet, crib, cot etc, as the baby can sleep on the same bed as yours.

Well, I wouldn't risk my baby's life by sleeping together on the bed with me. A lot of accidents has happened before. Plus, my husband is a wild sleeper, so I wouldn't risk it.

Pre-washing your fabric lets it pre-shrink. The Rolls Royce of strollers!

Hence, I decided to buy some proper sleeping place for my baby to sleep in.. I thought since this is my first baby and inshaallah, if in the future we have more kids, I'm sure I will be using all of the items that I have purchased for all my babies' first years. Otherwise, I will be selling them to parents that won't mind buying a secondhand item, when I don't need them anymore. It's great to be used as a portable crib. They make it easy to always have somewhere secure and cozy to lie your baby down for the first few months.

It also comes in handy for when the visitors come to visit the baby in the early months. Just bring this Moses Basket downstairs to your guests! I also purchased the stand to make it as a cradle. I might be using this for only a few months, but I'm sure I will keep it for our next baby It's such a great item to have for those early days of your baby's life! It adjusts to the bed level and swings over top of bed if you want it to. But since babies are in bassinets for such a short time maximum 5 to 6 months , I think I may have to pass on this option because for the price of RM 2k including shipping to Malaysia that is , I could get a nice, sturdy cot-bed to be used for such a longer period of time!

But if they have this brand in Malaysia, I think I might just buy it because of the practicality! So after doing some thinking and more research and findings, I think I'd rather spend a few hundreds Ringgit than a couple of thousands of my money for something I'd use for only a few months! I wish I have it!

I already asked, the price is RM 1k for the bassinet, and you must add another RM 1k to ship to Malaysia because it's heavy! I love the modern design and the fact that it can fold to make a travel bassinet is such a great thing to consider as well!

But again, we don't have this in Malaysia though. And shipping to Malaysia is crazy expensive! Okay enough on the baby's bassinet. I am still contemplating whether to get the baby cot or the cot-bed.

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  • Baby cot is smaller, while the cot-bed is bigger and slightly more expensive than the baby cot. I prefer the cot-bed actually But I could be practical too, you know?

    I wonder if we have a custom made baby cot and crib bedding like this, here in KL? I checked, these baby bedding sets cost about RM not including shipping!

    I love the Union Jack design, btw! Hicks 5 Great looking crib at an awesome price We shopped around a lot for our first crib purchase and are very happy with the Jenny Lind.

    If include shipping, it'll be almost RM 2k! Kalau baby kencing and muntah atas bed set ni, nangissss! The bedding set is more expensive than the Swiss-made baby cot I saw at Pavilion the other day! I find travel bassinet is lightweight and easier to bring when the baby is still small.. If you don't plan to buy a travel bassinet or cot that you put next to your bed, and if you have a large bed, and your partner is not a wild sleeper, do consider buying this! Suitable to place on the king size bed and very convenient to travel with!

    This sleeper is very convenient to sleep close to the baby as you don't need to get out from the bed for nighttime feedings. The only disadvantage is that the baby will outgrow the sleeper very fast. I think it can be used for up to 3 to 4 months depending on your baby's size - I'm not really a fan for this kind of sleeper, but I may consider buying this, if we were to travel a lot to the granddad's house after the baby is born.

    Otherwise, I'll just use my Moses Basket for the baby to sleep in. It's kinda like the modern Moses Basket. So if you're planning to buy this, you can forget about that old traditional Moses Basket and just get this! Great for traveling as well! You can make it as a storage bag as well!

    I love the Baby Bjorn Travel Crib as well! I think this crib is super cool. I've seen a few videos reviewing this travel crib.

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  • It folds up into nothing but can be easily set up or broken down in under 10 seconds!! It's great for newborns till when the baby has started standing up on their own. The great advantage is the Baby Bjorn Travel Crib is only 11 lbs! Just one button will open or close it! It comes with a carry case like the others as well.

    Suitable from birth pounds or 35 inches or able to crawl out. The downfall is that it weighs a heavy 30 lbs! The upside is it can be set up and taken down with just one hand. No more pinching of your fingers. No more cursing and kicking and screaming at your old, traditional Pack n Play. I only found out about this when I was 15 weeks pregnant.. I thought they all are the same and we only need one car seat for the baby because I rarely see Malaysians using car seats for their kids under 10!

    Tak payah 10 years old pun la, even around 4 to 6 years old pun susah nak nampak pakai car seat! The UK law states that all children must use a car seat until they are either cm in height or the age of 12 - whichever they reach first. With all the recent accidents in the news, I really feel like Malaysia should start practicing this law as well!

    I'm definitely buying all the age-appropriate car seats for my baby! Anyway, we all know that children grow up fast and before you know it, your baby will be a toddler. It's called the convertible.

    At first I thought of getting this type of car seat, to save money and buy other stuff.

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  • But after doing much research, I think I prefer to get a baby carrier first rather than a convertible straight away. But the problem with the infant carrier is that it gets outgrown way too fast! If your baby is big, sometimes you may not even get to use it for a year! Only for a few months! Kesian baby tak selesa.. Also, some convertible car seats cannot recline flat.

    So again, not suitable for your newborn! The CabrioFix, Pebble and Opal. Opal is the convertible one, by the way. I'm still thinking of getting the CabrioFix or the Pebble for the baby carrier.

    Both functions are equally almost the same. I also love the built in canopy that protects baby from both preying eyes and weather elements.

    cot bedding sets amazon Cot bedding sets amazon



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