cot bed divider for twins Cot bed divider for twins

Having two babies to accommodate was a bit of a puzzle especially as space was very tight in our little house. I thought it would be helpful to share our approach that we took to our twins sleeping arrangements.

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  • Moses baskets When we had our first child we used a Moses basket that we placed at the end of our bed. For our twins we decided not to use Moses baskets. We felt that two Moses baskets would take up a lot of space. Side by side Instead of Moses baskets we opted for using a normal size cot with the twins sleeping side by side. I loved seeing the boys as tiny babies sleeping close to each other like this.

    I hope this helps. Too many clothes - you get given loads and they grow out of them so quickly that I have got some gorgeous outfits only worn once or twice - when both of mine were really tiny I kept them in sleepsuits - more comfy for them and less tressful for me than trying to get tiny fingers and toes into clothes! This seems to fit well with who multiples who spent time in the ICU.

    This is one of my favourite photos of the boys as babies. By contrast the boys really seemed to like being swaddled. If they were a bit unsettled we would re-swaddle the boys and it really seemed to settle them.

    Wherever and whenever you can! You can attach three of these cribs together if you have triplets … or even more, for more babies.

    We stopped swaddling when the boys were about 3 months old and they were more in control of their movement. At this age we switched to using baby sleeping bags. One at each end Once the boys discovered they could wriggle around a bit more they started bumping each other and disturbing each other.

    We changed the way we positioned them in their shared cot with one twin at each end of the cot with their feet towards the end of the cot. This extended the amount of time that the boys could sleep in the same cot together.

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    Cot divider When the boys started crawling they did start to bother each other quite a lot in the night. To stop them doing this we used a cot divider to make a barrier across the middle of the cot. This was a plastic wall designed to clipped between the bars of the cot.

    One of the boys slept on each side of the cot divider.

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  • I think if we had more space available in our house we would probably have put the boys in separate cots rather than using the cot divider. Separate cots We moved the boys into separate cots when they were just under a year old.

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  • We opted to put the boys cots side by side. This gave the boys their own space to sleep in but allowed them to still be close to each other. They mainly do this in the mornings when they will climb into one cot and chatter with each other and play together.

    Very occasionally we will find one of the boys has climbed in with his brother and they are sleeping together.

    cot bed divider for twins Cot bed divider for twins

    The only down side is that if one of the boys wakes up earlier than the other they do tend to wake up their sleeping brother. Switching to beds We are at the point now where we are planning to switch the boys from cots to beds. It feels like entering a new era. We are really looking at what beds we can use to make the best use of the limited space that we have available.

    Luckily my husband designs furniture for a living so we have scope for some innovative designs! How have you figured out sleeping arrangements for your twins? Have you done something similar or have you taken a very different approach?



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