cot bed for adults Cot bed for adults

Features a non-slip bottom so you can rest assured that your child is safe and sound.

Baby bedding is often sold in a bundle with bumper, sheets and blankets in a cute theme. Cots with cotton canvas fabric should be avoided because cotton canvas is heavier and retains dirt and stains. The tent material is super strong and shelters sufficiently from rain, cold and wind.

Our super soft bamboo cover is natural and washable, yet still waterproof so the bumper can last you years to come. So easy to install and ultra-light for travel.

cot bed for adults Cot bed for adults

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall because he had no bed bumper to protect him at all The Milliard Bed Bumper is the ideal transitioning tool for graduating your toddler from crib to bed. If a child gets too close to the edge of the bed the bumper serves as a 'passive safety' reminder to return to the center of the bed.

We designed our bumper with firm foam so that it is difficult for a child to roll over it, yet still soft to the touch and easy to purposefully climb over. The bumper will give your child the sense of security needed for a good night's sleep.

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  • Easy Set Up Traditional bed rails are a pain to install but the bumper is easily placed under your fitted sheet. It works best with deep fitted sheets but most standard sheets will do.

    Offering delivery on day of choice with allocated slots. Sorry, personalisation is currently unavailable. Excellent value mattress for occasional use — great for holidays, or to keep as a spare in case of little accidents!

    Just push the bed against the wall to avoid needing a second bumper. When used on an adult bed the bumper leaves space for your child to climb around and not over it - the bumper fits the length of a toddler bed as well. Bedtime Guardian Traditional bed rails can have a space between the mattress and rail leaving an unsafe condition. With the bed bumper underneath the fitted sheet, your child won't slip between the cracks.

    A foam bumper will never deflate without notice and there's no small parts to worry about.

    cot bed for adults Cot bed for adults

    Our bed bumper was lab tested for safety and conformity to federal regulations for portable bed rails to ensure your child's wellbeing. Features The cover is packed with many hidden important features.

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  • A waterproof backing lines the cover to keep the foam damage free which is oh-so essential at the toilet training age.

    Our cover is removable, machine washable and features a non-slip bottom to keep the bumper securely in place.

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    We've got you covered.



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