cot bed for dogs Cot bed for dogs

This Size is most efficient use of your PVC.

baby cot junior bed

Assembly Instructions Assemble the main frame. Make sure there are equal lengths of PVC on opposite sides to produce a frame that measures finished dimensions. Now, take a rubber mallet and pound each corner piece joint with medium force to secure them in place. If you find the joints are loose and turn easily, reinforce with a small piece of duct tape placed on the end of each piece to make the connection tighter.

cot bed for dogs Cot bed for dogs

And More Center the frame on the cut fabric. Use a ruler to measure around the outside edges making sure the frame is centered on the fabric Step 6: Add first screw at midpoint, then add the final screws evenly spaced. STEP 10 On opposite side of cot stretch fabric by pulling tightly.

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  • Repeat steps 6 through 9 on the short sides of cot. Set the frame on a level surface. Twist the frame until it is square.

    In theory, and without getting too heavily into thermodynamics and other things I did poorly at in school the gel wicks away excess heat that radiates from the body. Must be kept out of prolonged, direct sunlight when outdoors.

    Add an additional screw on the back side to lock the corners to the rails as shown. This prevents the frame rail from turning which will cause the fabric to bottom out like a hammock and drag the ground Step Set the cot frame upright.

    These raised dog beds are ideal for people who travel, go camping, or go to shows with their dogs. It is tough and weatherproof. It is worth mentioning that it uses a unique Velcro design that lets you tighten the cover very easily when needed.

    Follow this method to get corner piece screws evenly spaced. Step 1 Add the first corner screws dead center of each corner top. Step 3 Now add 1 more screw evenly spaced between the first top screw and the side screw. You should end up with a total of 5 screws holding the fabric to each corner piece.

    See illustration for 3-step process.

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