cot bed gumtree nottingham Cot bed gumtree nottingham

Its my final year at university needless to say I am very busy.. It has took a lot longer than expected but we are almost done so I am going to post some before and after pictures to show you the process and explain what we have used and were it come from. Hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

cot bed gumtree nottingham Cot bed gumtree nottingham

Well this was day 1, to say my dad is a DIY enthusiast is an understatement so he was raring to go when we decided I was time to rip it out, he began by dismantling what was a truly awful shower and tray then removing the tiles. This radiator was taken of to allow space for the new bath tub. We decided to relocate our new radiator behind the door as this was the only way we could accommodate all the parts of the bathroom we wanted Our toilet was in a very inconvenient place and after a few kind words of persuasion we came up with the new layout which meant moving the toilet around a metre to the left.

This allowed the adjacent wall to be freed up meaning we could have our free standing bath there on an angel and still have room to access our shower.

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As you can see our bath was covered this is our only bathroom in the house so whilst the work was going on it still needed to be functional as we have a 2 year old so it was essential we still had some means of getting washed even if the rest of the room resembled a building site.

Below you can see the original location of the bath, it was tightly fit against the wall directly under the window but I felt changing its position to an angel in the corner were the radiator was originally housed would make the space much more practical whilst also creating the illusion of more space.

This meant we also needed to replace the plywood floor. Another job added to the already long list of changes but my dad was still happy to push on thank the lord! This wood frame shows the shape of our original shower as you can see the wooden frame is running on an angle I asked if we could take this out and rebuild our shower using every inch of available space this meant the shower would be an unusual shape and would take longer but I am very pleased with the outcome.

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  • We were intending on having a wet room style shower with no tray but my dad was concerned about the water not running away effectively even though the floor would have to tilted so we comprised by having the joists all titled to allow the water to flow away but instead we made a bespoke shower tray from the Carrera marble tiles. This image shows the original location of our sink I had from the beginning really liked the idea of his and hers sinks and because I love to up cycle furniture I thought it would be an interesting option to use a vintage piece to house the sinks as I really enjoy the contrast between raw wood and marble.

    SO the sinks would be housed on a unit running along this back wall as the bath would no longer run straight down under the window and would now be on an angel were the toilet was. If I had cad on my computer I could draw an image to show you the original layout and the proposed new one but hopefully you will be able to visualise my idea!

    cot bed gumtree nottingham Cot bed gumtree nottingham

    All of the pipe work had now been relocated in preparation for the shower and as you can see the shower tray was now made! The shower tray alone took over a week a lot of the work is hidden, the floor joists had to be angled to ensure the water would run away, the envelope cuts on the tiles to make the waster central alone with all the small cuts around the edges it took an awful lot of patience but it worth it!

    The wooden frame around the outside is tanked which water sealer it will eventually be tiled over to accommodate the glass panel. Now it was completed, the edges all tiled and grouted the new shape meant we would have a good few inches more space in the shower. We decided the inside of the shower walls would look great as bricks, I had been looking at a lot of Scandinavian bathrooms and kitchens and loved the use of white bricks.

    I mentioned this to my dad and he knew of a company who produced brick slips which is essentially the fascias of a real brick. Vincent our tiler was not very happy about installing them as he likes perfection and would hand back the bricks to my dad until eventually he realised I actually like it to look rustic and worn.

    I am so pleased with how it turned out and my partner thought I was crazy but he now loves it!

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  • We decided on a large shower head and wall mounted thermostat with all of the pipes concealed I think the finished and minimal look is essential in a bathroom. The window really was awful the glass was dated and it was almost the worst part of the bathroom. The shower head, thermostat and glass panel were now installed! Amazing to now have a shower back after three months of baths in the summer! This was the window moulding complete it took less than an hour and wow what a difference. Now all we need is new glass panels and a blind making.

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    Here you can see half of the floor was now tiled, leaving the last phase ready for installation of the vanity unit. We are also tiling the walls with brick sized tiles going to 1 metre high. We now needed to add additional pipe work to accommodate the set of wall mounted taps, this would also involve covering them with plaster board ready for the wall tiles seen below. We went for two mini Belfast sinks on the top, we were just trying it out in preperation for the taps being installed so we could get a clear image of how it look.

    Also our wall tiles were now almost complete. We decided to go 1 metre high with these but we would need an additional two rows behind the sinks to accommodate our wall mounted taps. We decided to use grey grout on the floor as this is way more practical and white on the walls.

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