cot bed levels Cot bed levels

Wheels[ edit ] Wheels enable easy movement of the bed, either within parts of the facility in which they are located, or within the room.

Sometimes movement of the bed a few inches to a few feet may be necessary in patient care.

cot bed levels Cot bed levels

For safety, wheels can be locked when transferring the patient in or out of the bed. While on older beds this is done with cranks usually found at the foot of the bed, on modern beds this feature is electronic.

cot bed levels Cot bed levels

Today, while a fully electric bed has many features that are electronic, a semi-electric bed has two motors, one to raise the head, and the other to raise the foot. The Fowler's position is used for sitting the patient upright for feeding or certain other activities, or in some patients, can ease breathing , or may be beneficial to the patient for other reasons.

Raising and lowering the height of the bed can help bring the bed to a comfortable level for the patient to get in and out of bed, or for caregivers to work with the patient.

Side rails[ edit ] Beds have side rails that can be raised or lowered. These rails, which serve as protection for the patient and sometimes can make the patient feel more secure, can also include the buttons used for their operation by staff and patients to move the bed, call the nurse, or even control the television.

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  • While some are simply to prevent patient falls, others have equipment that can aid the patient themself without physically confining the patient to bed. Side rails, if not built properly, can be of risk for patient entrapment. In the United States , more than deaths were reported as a result of this between and Tilting[ edit ] Some advanced beds are equipped with columns which help tilt the bed to degrees on each side.

    Such tilting can help prevent pressure ulcers for the patient, and help caregivers to do their daily tasks with less of a risk of back injuries.

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  • Bed exit alarm[ edit ] Many modern hospital beds are able to feature a bed exit alarm whereby a pressure pad on or in the mattress arms an audible alert when a weight such as a patient is placed on it, and activating the full alarm once this weight is removed. This is helpful to hospital staff or caregivers monitoring any number of patients from a distance such as a nurse's station as the alarm will trigger in the event of a patient especially the elderly or memory impaired falling out of the bed or wandering off unsupervised.

    Also some beds can feature a multi-zone bed exit alarm which can alert the staff when the patient start moving in the bed and before the actual exit which is necessary for some cases. CPR function[ edit ] In the event of the bed occupant suddenly requiring cardiopulmonary resuscitation , some hospital beds offer a CPR function in the form of a button or lever which when activated flatten the bed platform and put it in lowest height and deflates and flattens the bed's air mattress if installed creating a flat hard surface necessary for effective CPR administration.

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    Specialist beds[ edit ] Many specialist hospital beds are also produced in order to effectively treat different injuries. These include standing beds, turning beds and legacy beds. These are usually used to treat back and spinal injuries as well as severe trauma. Other costs are associated with bariatric heavy duty models that also offer extra width.

    Regular hoovering of the mattess will help reduce the risk of dust mites. I have been using for about 5 days now and I am happy with it.

    In , a 3-year-old Milwaukee girl hospitalized for pneumonia was killed when crushed by a mechanical hospital bed.



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