mamas and papas cot bed with changer Mamas and papas cot bed with changer

Hi, No the Harrow white furniture set is not a gloss painted finish. What size mattress does this take? Thanks in advance From: Sophie Hi, unfortunately the Harrow 3pc set cot bed, wardrobe and dresser cannot be purchased as individual items. Samantha Hi, The measurement between slats is 60mm. Thank you for using Argos Q and A By: Robbie argos Hi Please can you tell me what the Harrow set is made from?

Bexy The Harrow furniture set is made up of a mixture of painted solid wood and fibreboard. Is there room for a cotbed drawer that is H17 x W x L57cm From: Mum2b Hi, no the space will only fit a storage drawer with the maximum height of The Harrow underbed storage drawer is catalogue number which can be ordered.

Further information on our service, complaints and claims can be found in the Terms and Conditions. Mum2b Hi, no the space will only fit a storage drawer with the maximum height of

RofWhite Hi there, The cot bed in this furniture set is suitable to use with a mattress cm by 70cm. Adam Argos Are the sides removable? My wife is in a wheelchair and we're looking for a cot that she is able to reach in to get the baby out of? Danny argos Changing Unit Does the set come with the mat to sit on top of the changing unit or do you have to purchase separately if so what size would be required From: Elaine Lawrence Hi, The Harrow furniture set does not include a changing mattress however any mattress up to a maximum size of 80cm x 50cm will fit.

What are my options please? I require an additional cotbed - can this be done? I hope this helps! Amy Argos What colour are the handles on the drawers and wardrobe? Katie1 Hi there, Having spoken to our supplier I can confirm the colour of the handles is described as gun metal — quite a dark metal colour.

Dave argos How big is the changer top? If you purchase a smaller changing mattress you will have additional space. Its quite frustrating that the 6x boxes aren't labelled with whats in them. There are codes on the boxes - do you have any reference for what items these codes refer to? We don't have space for the wardrobe at the moment so plan on storing that away for future use. I hope this helps.

Shirley Hi there, I can confirm that this furniture set is described simply as white, the images on our website will give you the most accurate visual representation.

Adam Argos Does the cotbed has the 3-position setup? When you can put the bed higher in the top, then in the middle and finally on the lower part of the cotbed. Jeferson Hi there, I can confirm this cot bed does have a 3 position for mattress height. Dave argos Does the chest of drawers have soft close drawers? Rachael Hi, No power tools, screwdriver or hammer are needed, all fittings are provided along with an Allen Key. Thank you for using Question and Answer. Argos Helper Does the set come with the changer top?

It doesnt mention in the description if the changer top is included in the set. Rachel Hi there, I can confirm that this set does include the changer top for the chest of drawers. Danny argos Can you confirm that this set is actually white? Jess Hi Jess, I have looked into this for you and can confirm that this product is white. Rose Argos Hi, Yes the Harrow furniture set is white. Most Mamas and Papas nursery furniture have adjustable cots but the description for this doesn't say this.

I've looked at previous questions and this has been asked before and the reply was that it is adjustable. Please could you confirm that this particular cot from the Harrow range is adjustable not just converting from cot to toddler bed.

Obviously it will fit but should there be a gap 1cm? Richie Hi, The Cot Bed base is slatted. I was wondering if you the wardrobe and chest of drawers separately and if so how much are they please From: Chaz Hi, no unfortunately the Harrow furniture sets are only available as a 3pc set.

I can confirm that there is a teething rail on both sides of the cot. Previous answers to mattress questions have stated the mattress needs to be in length.

Will the mattress on offer which is be suitable or will there be a gap between the mattress and the cot? Just want to know if I should buy one of the other mattresses which is in length instead? Mel Argos What size is Changing Mat top? I was wondering if you can tell me the size of the changing matt that would fit with this nursery set?

Gembear Hi there, I can confirm that the dimensions for the changing top are 88cm by 54cm. Adam Argos Does the changer top remove and fit onto the top of the cot? Mrs Q Hi, The changer top does remove from the dresser however it will not fit on top of the cot. As I am trying to ascertain whether I could fit an under cot drawer underneath. Mum-to-be Hi there, I have since looked into this and can confirm that the distance from the floor to the underside of the cot bed is mm. Adam Argos What is the weight of the whole package From: Mel Argos What size mattress is required?

Please can I ask you to confirm what size mattress is required for this cot? Katie Hi Katie, I can confirm that the cot bed in this set requires a cm by 69cm mattress.

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  • Rose Argos Would you sell the cot and drawers without the wardrobe? Katie Hi Katie, Unfortunately this items comes as a 3 piece only, and pieces cannot be sold separately. Rose Argos Please can you confirm if the furniture is solid wood or laminate? Jjtj This Furniture set is made up of particle ad fibre board with a decorative foil finish. Archie The cot base has 3 height positions. Hi, I'm awaiting delivery of this item but wanted to know if the side of the cotbed can drop to help get baby in and out of the bed.

    Carima Hi, No Mamas and Papas do not manufacture any cots or cot beds with drop sides. Holly Hi You need a cm x 69cm mattress By: Adam Argos Can the lower rail of the wardrobe be removed as their clothes grow longer and just want to use the top rail?

    Charlie Argos Hi, Yes the lower rail can be removed for larger clothes. If so, what are the dimensions without the rail? I can confirm the dims without the rail are as stated below. I can confirm that the dimensions of the drawers does include the safety rail. These are H96, W88, D54cm.

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    Without the rail attached, the dimensions are approximately H86, W84, D50cm. Alicia Argos Does this range come in flat pack? Its out of stock in my area but available at my in-laws. Will this require a van for transportation? Hayley Hi, I am sorry to hear that it is out of stock in your area, this furniture set has had a fantastic response with demand greatly above our expectation. The set comes in 6 boxes, the largest box is L: NurseryShopper Hi, the changer top is removable.

    And is there a teething protector at the top of the sides?

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  • Jrs The cot slats are fixed and yes there is a teether rail on each side. Kind regards Laura From: Laura The mattress is sold separately, the size you require for this cotbed is cm x 69cm. Suzie Hi there, I have since looked into this and can confirm that the cot in this furniture set does indeed have 3 mattress positions.

    mamas and papas cot bed with changer Mamas and papas cot bed with changer



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