westbury cot bed parts Westbury cot bed parts
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Tickets and fares At what age do children have to pay adult fare? Children aged 5 to 15 pay half fare. Under 5s travel free. Adult fares apply from the age of This depends on what kind of ticket you have. If you have an Anytime ticket, you can travel on any train on the date the ticket is valid for. Check when your ticket is valid before you travel. What payment methods are accepted online?

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When buying tickets online you can pay using debit and credit cards. How can I buy a ticket using a Rail Travel Voucher? Can I get a VAT receipt for my tickets? There is no VAT on train tickets. A receipt is printed along with your tickets when you collect them from a ticket machine, or on request from the ticket office.

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  • If you need proof of purchase for accounting purposes, you can use this or your confirmation email, which contains all the relevant payment information.

    Can I reserve a seat on South Western Railway trains?

    westbury cot bed parts Westbury cot bed parts

    Can I buy a discounted ticket on the train? As a rule, you must buy a ticket before boarding the train. Onboard staff will only sell you an Off-peak ticket or give you a Railcard discount on the train if there is no ticket office at the station, or it is not open, or the ticket machines are out of order. With GroupSave tickets can some of the group travel on different trains? With GroupSave you must all travel together on the same train — otherwise you may be asked to pay the full fare for the journey or be liable for a Penalty Fare.

    If your group needs to split up at any time then you should buy separate GroupSave tickets for each smaller group people. We recommend leaving at least 2 hours between buying your tickets and collecting — your tickets might be ready earlier, but at busy times it can take time for your booking to be processed and transmitted to the station ticket machines.

    Take care to note the correct number, not the booking reference or transaction number. Make sure you leave enough time to collect your tickets before your train is due to leave — you must not get on the train without them.

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    Find out more about buying and collecting train tickets. If the machine is not working at the station, how can I collect my tickets? You can collect tickets from any self service ticket machine at any of our stations.

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  • At some stations we also have dedicated ticket collection machines. If there is no ticket office and the ticket machines are not working, please see the guard as soon as possible when you board the train, and collect your ticket from the machines at a station where you change trains or when you arrive at your destination.

    Where can I top up my Oyster card?

    westbury cot bed parts Westbury cot bed parts

    Is travel on the London Underground included in the cost of my ticket? If your journey involves travelling through London, this will be included in the ticket price. Tickets from London Terminals are usually only valid at the main London station on this list from which your train starts.



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