lulworth cot bed mothercare Lulworth cot bed mothercare

We are all here today, proud to call him dad, husband, uncle, lolo, friend and colleague. He gave us countless memories of which I would like to share a few with you, and hopefully these can bring a smile to your face and remain in your hearts.

The first time I met my dad I was 2 years old and we were at the airport waiting for him to arrive from the Philippines. That was the start of us. He could at times be a very strict dad. No boyfriends were permitted in the house and curfews were always set. I know now that he only wanted the best for me and for me to have all the opportunities in the world.

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As we both grew older he slowly learnt to relax and trust in me. He saw me grow up from being his little girl to the woman and mother I am now, which must have been hard for him. When there were serious moments he would like to lighten them up with a joke.

For example, I had a severe car crash a while ago, where the car landed upside down. To his family, he would do anything for them. And in turn they would do everything for him. In Philippines he was the favourite brother and uncle. He rarely lifted a finger, s much so that he was shocked at how he had to adapt to the way of life in London and do chores.

lulworth cot bed mothercare Lulworth cot bed mothercare

Almost every year, he would visit his brothers, sister, nieces, and nephews in the Philippines. If any were to visit London he would always welcome them with open arms, somewhere to stay and most importantly provide food. To his friends and colleagues, he was a generous person. It was always a joyous occasion when he was with you. He loved to spend as much time joking and socialising with you. He was someone you could trust and rely on. He was a friend to so many people. Dad was an enthusiast for all things gadgets and technology.

The latest technology could always be found around our house. Examples include, just to say a few, the latest computer, video camera, digital camera, pager, cd player, cassette player, mini disc player, mp3 player, navigation kit, speakers, surround sound system and karaoke machine. The list goes on, as if you were shopping in Dixons. He was very proud of it.

Quite fittingly, our home is now filled with Samsung items. His thirst for technology is something I loved as I quickly followed suit. Family My cousins can agree that he loved technology so much that he even built his own hi fi system. He would use the items from a car and work his magic on it.

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  • I recently found out he studied automobiles as one of his school subjects, which now explains the love if his cars and how he liked to diagnose motor problems. I remember our daily car journeys together when I was little. The routine would be a 5am waking up, make Dad a cup of coffee and then take mum to work. In the evening it would be a 9pm pick up. I always admired how he never complained that it was too early.

    So moving on from one of his great loves, to another great love.. If you now my dad well, you know that he loved rice. Just the other day we were cleaning his car and typically found grains of rice in the boot.

    For all UK long distance trips, rice always had to be packed. I was guaranteed to be on the menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Ironically he only learnt to cook rice when he arrived in the UK. When I was young, as he was learning to cook, he often burnt the food. Strangely though he enjoyed it. To him, burnt food was crispy and still tasty. He always said no matter how bad the food would be for his health, he would want to enjoy it fully.

    He would rather die happy than deprived of food. I loved his positive outlook to life. Throughout the numerous operations and treatments he had to endure, he always remained positive.

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  • There was never a moan about how hard things was. He got on and continued with living.

    Helen is the only good thing in the store! Little Mina, from Dundonald, in County Down, gave Matt, 32, and Alannah, 26, a shock moments after her baby monitor alerted them that she was awake at the weekend. If you leave the child unattended in the cot, always make sure that the dropside is in the highest position.

    I know he loved every bit of his life. Finally to Mum, he had oceans of love and affection for you that just radiated out of him. I would love to have the same loyalty, honesty and strength that you have for each other as it is so amazing to see, especially as you are still going strong after 32 years.

    To Dad, everyone has love for you in their hearts. Your attributes have bought a lifetime of memories, that none of us will ever forget. Be with God, watch over us and rest in perfect peace till we see you again. To our friends who gave their condolences, thank you so much, as it means so much to us.



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